Ntoroko District

Ntoroko District
Ntoroko District is a district in Western Uganda. The district is named after 'chief town', Ntoroko, where the district headquarters are located.Ntoroko District is located west of the Rwenzori Mountains. It is one of two Ugandan districts, so located; the other being Bundibugyo District, from which Ntoroko District was split, in 2010. Ntoroko District is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west and north, Hoima District to the northeast, Kibaale District to the east, Kabarole District to the south and Bundibugyo District to the southwest. Ntoroko, where the district headquarters are located, lies approximately 75 kilometres (47 mi), by road, northeast of Bundibugyo, the largest town in the sub-region This location is located approximately 300 kilometres (190 mi), by road, west of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country.The coordinates of the district are:01 06N, 30 24E.

Ntoroko District was created by Act of the Ugandan Parliament and became operational on 01 July 2010. Prior to that, the district was part of Bundibugyo District. The district is part of Rwenzururu sub-region, which is coterminous with the Rwenzururu Kingdom. In 2002, the sub-region was home to an estimated 750,000 inhabitants, according to the national population and household census, conducted that year.The districts that constitute the sub-region are:

  • Bundibugyo District
  • Kasese District
  • Ntoroko District

The national census in 2002 estimated the population of Ntoroko District at about 51,100. The exact population of the district in January 2011 is not known.